Negative Keywords List for Dentists

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Every dentist should own this list of negative keywords. I’ve made it easy for you to start saving money on your Pay Per Click campaigns right now. Save yourself the time consuming task of researching and finding these negative keywords on your own. It would take you hours to dig these out yourself. Immediately start saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year from your online advertising budget. And make every click you pay for count!

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money back guaranteeWe are so confident that our Negative Keywords List will impress you when you access it that we’re prepared to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. IF after you’ve purchased this product you are not completely satisfied, email us within 30 days for a full refund.

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Maximize Your PPC Budget with Negative Keywords

What You Get

  • Over 640+ unique negative keywords especially geared for dentists to add to your Adwords account. You won’t find a list this comprehensive and uniquely for dental practices anywhere on the Internet.
  • An Excel file with a tab containing the full list, as well as tabs organized by themes and segments to allow for superior negative keyword management.
  • A self survey questionnaire guide to help you immediately uncover and create another 20+ unique negative keywords on your own!
  • And the option to get one month of free management for 1 office.
  • You’ll also have access to my expertise for support. I will coach you on how to do the initial negative keywords setup for your Adwords account. My team is accessible by email, and will respond quickly to your questions.
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Flow Simple transformed our Adwords budget to laser beam on relevant leads for our business. Their ongoing management helps us maximize our budget, and also make sense of our Analytics and how we’re doing overall.
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How this List Can Save You Over $1,800 Per Year

Wow - Hand Drawn BlackLet’s assume you have a 5 irrelevant keywords in your Adwords campaign. That’s 5 searches like “dental office jobs.” Let’s also pretend the average CPC you paid for each click is $1.00. If each of these unwanted keywords is clicked on once a day it comes out to a wasted budget of $1825 per year.

If you’re spending $1,000 a month with Adwords, adding these negative keywords will save you up to 30% of your budget, and that adds up to over $1,800 a year!

pashmina ppc expert

Pashmina Lalchandani, Owner of Flow Simple

I Created a Negative Keywords List Just for Local Dental Office PPC Campaigns Like Yours

As an 10 year Certified Adwords Veteran, I’ve spent thousands of hours managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of clients and budgets. And in the past couple years I’ve concentrated my efforts ondentists and private practice owners like yourself. Every Adwords account I’ve taken over is severely lacking in negative keywords! This was really alarming to me.

So I decided to put together an exhaustive list of negative keywords that ANY dentist can IMMEDIATELY add to his Adwords campaign.

Negative keywords have a powerful effect on your PPC campaigns. Only negative keywords can help you eliminate irrelevant clicks and get better patients to your dental practice. A comprehensive set of negative keywords is the single most effective tactic you can use to reduce your cost and improve the quality of your leads.

What are Negative Keywords?

A negative keyword in your campaign means your ads won’t show if the search contains that term. Negative keywords are how you exclude unwanted traffic, and unqualified clicks. As a dentist, you want to exclude keywords like “free” or “jobs” so that you don’t show up for searches like “dentist office jobs.”

But I Already Have A PPC Manager. Why Do I Need This List?

When you setup your PPC campaign, you probably put together a good set of ads and keywords. And perhaps you also hired a PPC company to manage your Adwords campaigns for you. But how extensive is your negative keywords list? Chances are, your manager has not spent a lot of time identifying and growing your list of negative keywords. We do. Most PPC managers don’t put in the time to wade through loads of keyword data to create a strong list of negative keywords that waste your money.

How Do I Check My Adwords Account for Negative Keywords?

Login to Adwords, and go to the Campaigns > Keywords tab. Then scroll all the way (wayyy) down to the bottom of your page. Click on the “Negative keywords” link. This will expand your Negative keywords section. You may see keywords in three places, at the Ad group level, in the Campaign level, and also deeper in the Campaign level Keyword lists.

Will These Negative Keywords Save MY Dental Practice Money?

search query terms dentist

If you haven’t already checked your campaign to see if you have negative keywords, I suggest you start there. It’s not just about rooting out the obvious ones like free dental services. There are many, many more keyword searches that can trigger your ads when you don’t want them to.

To see a sample of what terms trigger your ads, you can click on the See Search Terms button under your Keywordstab. This is only a partial list that Google chooses to share. Prepare to be surprised and annoyed if you dig in there. You will likely find keywords that are wasting your Adwords budget.

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If you’re running Google Adwords, and spending at least $500 a month on your campaigns, then buying this list of Negative Keywords for your dental practice is a “no brainer.”  You’ll immediately start seeing better leads and save up to 30% of your budget. And remember, we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee!