How We Make PPC Campaigns Work for You!

Setup for Success

Let’s Get Your Adwords Account Setup For Success

Choose the Right Keywords

Setting up your Adwords (or other PPC) campaigns takes skill. First we research and carefully choose the right keywords to advertise on. A user’s search intent must match your marketing goals.  We must know how to market your business and your services with precision. These keywords are then meticulously organized into campaigns and ad groups to maximize your clicks at the lowest possible price.

Craft Ads That Get Clicks

For each ad group, we draw from years of experience to write headlines and ad copy that result in conversions. Your text ads can only contain 3 lines. Each line has a limited number of characters. There’s only a few seconds to engage and draw in potential visitors.

We use A/B multivariate testing to show the best ads more often. We also write and test new ads regularly to increase your click thru rate (CTR). And we take advantage of ad extensions like phone numbers, addresses, and secondary site links to increase traffic to your site.

Expand the Good, Reduce the Bad

We’ll mine your ongoing PPC data and metrics to find the best opportunities. This means expanding parts of your campaign when it helps generate more leads. Sometimes your campaign will shrink to eliminate non-relevant clicks or “bad” leads with negative keywords. Finding and adding new negative keywords on an ongoing basis helps get more “juice” from your budget.

All this takes a big initial push. Without it, your Adwords campaign might burn through your budget with no results.

More Clicks & More Customers

Ongoing PPC Management = Better Results

Our job is to ensure that your revenue from paid search grows each month. Even when we take over existing campaigns, we’ve increased the effectiveness by up to 300%!

Generate Relevant & Quality Traffic

In your first three months, we may explore a wide variety of keywords. Your manager monitors cost, search query logs, and conversion results to see what’s working, and what’s not. Your PPC experts will:

  • engage in heavy negative keyword mining to weed out unintended meanings or bad clicks
  • write and test ad copy
  • add specific or different keyword match types to increase leads
  • adjust bids and factors to target ad positioning
  • tweak ad group and campaign settings
  • setup scheduling and/or manage “one-off” campaigns

Acquire Customers You Want Most

And it’s not just about getting you traffic. It’s about getting your phone to ring. So your PPC experts will also:

  • optimize to reduce your cost per lead or sale
  • optimize to increase the quality of your leads
  • help you understand, and read your Google Analytics
  • help you measure the performance of your other advertising programs
  • make recommendations about your website to drive more phone calls

Less Hassle & Clear Reports

Clear Monthly Reporting & Unlimited Expertise

Research and management is ongoing because we get bombarded with an overwhelming amount of new data, and ideas. Your competitive landscape and keyword trends can change often, affecting our bidding and keyword strategy. On top of that, PPC management tools come out with new features all the time. We adapt your campaigns to these changes. When Google Adwords adds a new feature, we’re on it like sesame on rice!

Reports That Makes Sense

You’ll never be confused about how we’re doing. Our reports are clear and easy to understand. And we’re an email or phone call away if you have questions, or need additional help. Phone and email support doesn’t cost extra. Have a question about some nagging website issue or something other than PPC? You can add-on web design and coding services for reasonable hourly rates. (We want you to love your website too!)

Outsourcing to PPC Plans Will Save You Time & Money

Ultimately you’ll see better traffic, more customers, and a bigger bottom line by leaving it to our experts. Simple math shows that by letting us manage your account, we can actually help you get MORE. You won’t need to spend hours learning about Adwords, or manage your PPC campaigns.

Get Our Expertise For As Little as $100 per Week!

With our experience and arsenal of premium tools, we’ll help you achieve more with your Adwords budget than what you could do by yourself. We’re no different than your accountant, tax advisor, or even your doctor. For as little as $100 per week we stay on top of your ad campaigns so you can focus on other things, like taking care of those new customers!

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